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Choosing a Time Frame for Cleaning Service Visits

Now that you have chosen your cleaning service, it is the time to learn what you need to do in-between visits. Most services are set up on a weekly or every other week basis, so a bit of maintenance may be required on your part. Whatever time frame that you have chosen, be sure that it meets your desires regarding the frequency that your home is cleaned.

For example, if you want to have your bathroom cleaned every week, but have schedule a cleaning service for every other week, you will need to clean the bathroom yourself during the weeks that the cleaning service does not visit.

When you are thinking about hiring a cleaning service you should take note of all the areas that you clean on a weekly, every other week and monthly basis. This will help you to determine how often that you need your cleaning service company to visit your home.

You should also make note of the areas that you would not mind waiting a bit longer to be cleaned. For example, you may sweep and mop weekly, but find that it can really be put off for a second week. Deciding items like these will help you to select the proper time frame in between cleaning service visits.

You will find that a cleaning service can add quite a bit of benefit to your life. Much of the time that you currently spend cleaning will be saved, and you will have more time to relax in your clean home. Just remember, whatever you need to have cleaned in between visits must be completed by you. If you find yourself doing more cleaning than you would like, you may want to think about increasing the number of times that your cleaning service visits your home each month.

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What will a Cleaning Service Do?

None of us really enjoy cleaning our home, and with the many areas that are in our home, some consider using a professional cleaning service. These services can complete just about any cleaning project, depending on the options that you choose when you are setting up your cleaning service. However, below are a few of the more common areas that a cleaning service will take care of during a general cleaning session.
Kitchens – Many services will clean your counters, sweep and mop in your kitchen. For an additional fee, some companies will also do your dishes as well.

Bathrooms – This is the most common area to be cleaned by a cleaning service. Pretty much all of your bathroom cleaning needs will be taken care of with a general clean from a cleaning service company: wipe counters, clean toilet, shower and tub, as well as sweep and mop.

Family Room and bedrooms – General cleaning in these rooms usually consist of straightening up misplaced items, vacuuming, dusting and making beds.
Other services are normally available through a cleaning service as well. While some of these additional items may be included in the general cleaning portion of some companies, they will have an added fee with others.

Added Services – Many companies offer their services for items that are not cleaned on a daily basis. Window washing, base board washing, dishes, and laundry can all be added to the duties that your professional cleaning service completes, but will normally an additional fee will typically be involved with these items.

At times, you may even wish to hire a cleaning service to complete cleaning projects that are done annually like polishing your silver or cleaning your carpets. These tasks can be time consuming and tedious. A cleaning service can complete all your cleaning needs, so you should assess the items that you wish to have cleaned before contacting them directly.


Five Quick Spring Cleaning Tips

With spring back in full force, it is time to bring out the gloves and cleaning supplies for another round of spring cleaning. This can be the time to finally get rid of all those unneeded items that are tucked away in the closet or to get around to cleaning out your garage. However you decide to spend your time, here are some great tips to get you started.

  • Clean out those gutters. Winter has passed, and all that strange weather was sure to have left all sorts of debris in your gutters. This debris not only clogs up the gutter drains, but weighs the entire system down as well.
  • Don’t forget the cobwebs. They may be fun for Halloween, but cobwebs will make your house look dirty. Now is a great time to check all the sneaky places that cobwebs like to hide and get rid of them for a while.
  • Time to clean the baseboards. None of us like to crawl around on our hands and knees cleaning baseboards, but at some time or another, it must be done. What better time than when you are already cleaning out all those dreary winter blues.
  • Wash carpets and rugs. Carpets can cause homes to smell dingy and dirty. By thoroughly cleansing all carpets and rugs, you can be sure that your house will smell fresh and clean all summer.
  • Window cleaning time. With summer right around the corner, you will want your windows shiny and bright for all those days when you open your shades to the sunlight.

Spring cleaning is a time to enjoy all that is new and to begin the process of returning to nature after having spent all winter indoors. Start your spring out right by having a clean home and remembering these trouble areas when spring cleaning.


Areas in your Home that get Dirty the Fastest

Everyone likes to keep their homes clean. However, we all have those areas in our homes that we never can seem to keep clean, no matter how many times we clean them. Whether its clutter or dirt, something is keeping these areas from being the clean rooms that we all want them to be. We have found the following areas to be the areas that get dirty the fastest.

If you have kids you will know that it is nearly impossible to keep their rooms clean. Regardless of age, kids come with a multitude of accessories that seem to find their way into every corner of the house. Sometimes it may be best to simply shut the door and ignore the mess for a few days.

The kitchen seems to be the place that many of us spend most of our time. Since this is the case in most households, you may find that this room remains a bit dirtier than the rest of the house. Most people use this room every day when cooking dinner and, depending on the dish, this room requires constant maintenance.

The mud room is also an area in constant need of the cleaning fairy, especially during winter. The first room that you enter on your way into your home, this room has been designated as a collection of all the dirty things that you do not want to come into your home. Being the first room that you see, you may feel the need to constantly clean this area in the hopes of making your home more presentable to guests.

Regardless of your lifestyle, you will find many areas in your home that seem to be dirtier than others. In order to keep the cleanest house possible, you should take a look around every week and assess the areas that need a bit of extra attention.


Staying Green

We all care about the planet we live on. Let’s face it, if it weren’t for Earth, where would we be? That being said, there are some steps that we can all take that will help keep the planet clean and some of those steps can happen during our cleaning process. By following some of the rules below, you can help the Earth out a bit and still be able to keep the clean home that you love so much.

You can start by making your own cleaners using natural ingredients from your cupboard. By using some natural ingredients; vinegar, water and baking soda; you can find many recipes for cleaners that have the potential to work just as well as those harsh chemicals that we are all used to. Throw in some drops of lemon or peppermint for aroma and you are ready to go.

For many items, especially drapes, towels and bedding, you can easily make the switch from a traditional electric dryer to air drying outdoors. Not only will this make them last longer (dryers are pretty rough on fabrics), but you have the added benefit of adding an authentic clean breeze scent to your laundry.

Avoid using disposable cleaning products. Products that offer disposable pads for dusting and mopping may be handy, but they also create added waste that must be later added to a landfill. Instead go for the old-fashioned method and use reusable rags and mops.

Keeping your home clean and caring for the Earth in the process can create a fulfilling feeling for you. The Earth, after all, is our home and if we don’t take care of it, who will? We all should incorporate some part of a green initiative into our daily lives in order to keep both ourselves and the Earth healthy and happy.


Ways to Keep Things Cleaner

Everybody enjoys a clean home and none of us want to spend a great deal of time cleaning. The good news is there are some ways to keep your home cleaner just by changing a few of the cleaning habits that you already have.

  • First, let’s address those stainless steel appliances. For those of you who have these, you probably already know what it is like to find a scratch or a scuff mark as well as how difficult it is to keep them clean. The solution to these issues is to spray the surfaces weekly with an aerosol spray and wipe away with a clean cloth. This will keep them bright and clean for years to come.
  • Your closet may be an area that nobody sees but you. However, have a disorganized closet, more than likely, will spill over into the remainder of your home. Keep those storage spaces neat and orderly by using bins and storage devices to keep everything easy to find and convenient.
  • As for surfaces, use a dust repelling cleaner to help clear away dust. These cleaners are designed to keep dust from sticking to your surfaces and work better and longer than simply wiping the dust away with a cloth. By using one of these types of cleaners, you can cut your cleaning time by up to 50% because you will not have the need to dust your surfaces as often.

Cleaning your home is an important part of everyday life. You don’t have to be someone who spends hours every week scrubbing walls and carpets. With a few good tricks, keeping your home beautiful has never been easier. Taking time to clean your home can make your time there more peaceful and pleasant. By following the simple rules above, you and your home can live in harmony together.


How to pick Carpet that will Repel Dirt

For those of us with kids, we are well aware of the fact that we do not want white carpets, couches, curtains or pretty much any type of white fabric throughout our homes. Some colors are just not suitable in a home that is exposed to an excessive amount of dirt. But, are there colors that you can choose that will help keep dirt from showing? Of course there are!

The trick is to find a pattern that both matches the décor in the room and will not show dirt. One possible way to do this is to find subtle patterns that can help hide dirt the best. Extremely light colors will show the largest amount of stains and darker colors will show off lint.

Different lifestyles call for different types of carpet. For example, if you want to hide foot traffic and vacuum cleaner tracks, you should go for a carpet that is textured. The colors that are best for hiding dirt and stains are shades such as light gray, blue or tan. Just remember to choose a color that is as close to the color of dirt as possible.

You should also take into consideration the type of carpet that you choose. Carpet that has a tendency to trap dirt and debris, such as level loop or high-density loop carpets should only be installed in rooms with minimal traffic. These types of carpets are also resistant to some types of cleaning methods that you may try.

Many carpets also offer a stain resistant version that can help keep stains away for quite some time. However, the stain resistant element of the carpet will not last forever, so it is still important to choose the right color for your lifestyle. By choosing the right color up front, you will be able to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean for many years to come.


Why you should use a Cleaning Service

Cleaning a home is hard work and with all of the areas in a home that need regular cleaning, considering a professional cleaning service may be the right choice for you. When you are deciding whether you need this service, it is important to understand all of the options that you have that, in the absence of a cleaning service, you would have to clean on your own.

Cleaning services offer a multitude of cleaning options that most people either do not enjoy completing or rarely do at all. For one, most cleaning services will clean windows. Having this time consuming task completed can help save you many hours taking care of yourself.

You can also expect a new level of clean when you are using a professional cleaning service. The professionals who work for the company are well trained in the latest cleaning techniques and will only use the best cleaners to clean your home. You should check into the options for all those areas that are seldom cleaned, such as baseboards and light fixtures.

Using a professional cleaning service will give you the opportunity to spend your valuable time elsewhere. You will also have the added benefit of coming home to a clean home after a hard day’s work. Some cleaning services will even complete everyday tasks such as laundry, dishes and general cleaning.

Every cleaning service is different and prices will vary. However, most have options that will completely clean your home from top to bottom. This can be a very beneficial thing for most people, especially those who lead very busy lives with little time for cleaning their household. If you are in a situation where you think that you would benefit from a professional cleaning service, you should take an assessment of your needs and call one today.


How to Choose the Right Cleaning Service

A professional cleaning service can be very beneficial to your household. Cleaning takes up a lot of times and having it completed professionally will give you the time to focus on other things. You also have the added benefit of knowing that your home is exceptionally clean. But how do you find the right cleaning service for you?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of work that you want to be completed. Most cleaning services offer a wide range of options that you will have the benefit of choosing from. Many of these services will be offered with the general cleaning service prices, but others will only be completed for an additional fee.

Most companies complete a general cleaning; such as dusting, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and mopping; with a basic contract. However, added features such as cleaning windows and light fixtures may come at an additional cost.

You should also decide how often you want your cleaning service to visit. While this is negotiable with most cleaning services, it is something that you need to decide. You can usually schedule services weekly, every other week, once a month or for a one time cleaning.

When you are choosing between cleaning services, make sure that you choose a reputable company. It is important to remember that the company will have people in your home, usually while you are not there. You will want to select a company that offers workers of whom you can trust. You should always ask for references when choosing a professional cleaning service.

Using a home cleaning service can be a great help to those of us who are busy with other things. By using a service, you will come home to a clean home and be able to spend more time relaxing and spending time with your family.


Benefits of Having your Carpet Cleaned

Your carpet is the most mistreated thing in your home. It is walked on, people spill things on it and, for the most part, is dirty most of the time. Having your carpets cleaned professionally can help give your home a cleaner look, feel and smell. Many homes have several rooms filled with carpet that have the potential of becoming dingy and dirty from everyday use.

Although most of us vacuum on a regular basis, a thorough cleaning of your carpets should be completed at least annually. By using a service rather than attempt to clean your carpets on your own,you will have the added benefit of knowing that your carpets have been subjected to a deep cleaning as only a professional can provide.

Carpets work to lock in dirt, allergens and odors that can become unpleasant if left in the carpets for an extended period of time. A professional carpet cleaning service can help to remove these unpleasant items from your home.

For those who have pets, a professional cleaning may be ideal for removing pet odors and stains that have made their way into the carpet. A professional clean can help keep your carpets fresh, without the appearance of pet stains.

Some professional carpet cleaning services also specialize in the cleaning of your grout as well. The area between the tiles, typically in your kitchen or bathrooms, can also show stains and dirt that regular mopping will not remove. By professionally cleaning these areas, your grout will return to its original color and help your room to look bright and beautiful.

Keeping your carpets clean can be very important to your home. It can be the difference between carpets lasting 5 years and carpets lasting 10 years. When you use a professional carpet service, you can keep your home fresh and clean.