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Choosing a Time Frame for Cleaning Service Visits

Now that you have chosen your cleaning service, it is the time to learn what you need to do in-between visits. Most services are set up on a weekly or every other week basis, so a bit of maintenance may be required on your part. Whatever time frame that you have chosen, be sure that it meets your desires regarding the frequency that your home is cleaned.

For example, if you want to have your bathroom cleaned every week, but have schedule a cleaning service for every other week, you will need to clean the bathroom yourself during the weeks that the cleaning service does not visit.

When you are thinking about hiring a cleaning service you should take note of all the areas that you clean on a weekly, every other week and monthly basis. This will help you to determine how often that you need your cleaning service company to visit your home.

You should also make note of the areas that you would not mind waiting a bit longer to be cleaned. For example, you may sweep and mop weekly, but find that it can really be put off for a second week. Deciding items like these will help you to select the proper time frame in between cleaning service visits.

You will find that a cleaning service can add quite a bit of benefit to your life. Much of the time that you currently spend cleaning will be saved, and you will have more time to relax in your clean home. Just remember, whatever you need to have cleaned in between visits must be completed by you. If you find yourself doing more cleaning than you would like, you may want to think about increasing the number of times that your cleaning service visits your home each month.

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What will a Cleaning Service Do?

None of us really enjoy cleaning our home, and with the many areas that are in our home, some consider using a professional cleaning service. These services can complete just about any cleaning project, depending on the options that you choose when you are setting up your cleaning service. However, below are a few of the more common areas that a cleaning service will take care of during a general cleaning session.
Kitchens – Many services will clean your counters, sweep and mop in your kitchen. For an additional fee, some companies will also do your dishes as well.

Bathrooms – This is the most common area to be cleaned by a cleaning service. Pretty much all of your bathroom cleaning needs will be taken care of with a general clean from a cleaning service company: wipe counters, clean toilet, shower and tub, as well as sweep and mop.

Family Room and bedrooms – General cleaning in these rooms usually consist of straightening up misplaced items, vacuuming, dusting and making beds.
Other services are normally available through a cleaning service as well. While some of these additional items may be included in the general cleaning portion of some companies, they will have an added fee with others.

Added Services – Many companies offer their services for items that are not cleaned on a daily basis. Window washing, base board washing, dishes, and laundry can all be added to the duties that your professional cleaning service completes, but will normally an additional fee will typically be involved with these items.

At times, you may even wish to hire a cleaning service to complete cleaning projects that are done annually like polishing your silver or cleaning your carpets. These tasks can be time consuming and tedious. A cleaning service can complete all your cleaning needs, so you should assess the items that you wish to have cleaned before contacting them directly.